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Dr. Gardiner and his team at Alaska Dental Care are absolutely wonderful. They fulfilled my dream of closing the gap and covering a chip in my front upper teeth with only using four veneers! I am so happy with my new smile! Thank you! - Miranda Singleton This is such a wonderful place to go. The happiness really spreads to the clients. Their laughter caused me to laugh and relax. I really appreciated it. Dr. Gardiner also sounds like Mr. Rogers and calmed me. - Savely Simons I'm Dr. Howard's Patient! He just did a filling and it went great! Great movie, great chair massage, great dentist & assistant. Thank you! Jerry I just want to share my sentiments to Alaska Dental Care. I've been to a lot of doctors here in Anchorage... but never had the best service since I found Alaska Dental Care. Special mention to my favorite Doctor Gardiner. He take care of all his patients amazingly, he treat each one of us as family. And I can say I couldn't ask or change for another clinic. All the other doctors & the staff are wonderful. They make sure they get in touch with you even though we forget to make the schedule due to busy work. You're the best in what you do. Thank you so much! Liz McDonald Danica. Such an awesome feeling to have knowing that I can trust & feel comfortable with everyone here in the office to take good care of me. Each time has always been a great experience! Thank you so much! Love my new crowns! They look so fabulous and its like finally a dream come true! Kayla Honeywell Dr. Gardiner's approach to detistry is the prefer balance of conservative and proactive care. He and his entire staff are a treat to work with and his beautiful new office radiates one positive environment that is an imporant component of his practice. We highly recommend Dr. Gardiner and Alaska Dental Care. Dr. Gardiner of Alaska Dental Care was like a gift sent from heaven. I had a lot of dental problems and visitng many different dentist in Germany and the USA. Under Dr. Gardiner's care I never experience any kind of pain no matter what the porcedure, and most  of all I appreciated his professionalism, compassion, and politeness. If you look for the perfect dentist, look no futher. Dr. Gardiner is it. James. Dr. Gardiner, Your generous donation is so very much appreciated by me, Chugach and my healing co-worker. Many fellow employeeds commented on the generous offerings from Alaska Dental Care so I think this provided some great marketing too. It appears two gift certificates were purchased and by the same lady! So I suspect she'll be in contact soon. Thank you again! Christine Williams Dear Dr. Gardiners Staff, Thank you for giving Woody a reason to smile. Your generosity and donating time and services is greatly appreciated. I'm sure that the improvement in Woody's dental health will have a tremendous impact on his quality of life and general health and comfort. Sincerely, Mary Hello, I saw Dr. Williams back in '97 to have him fix my front teeth. I had prominent fron teeth with a gap in the middle. I didn't have the funds to get a full set of braces and I was turned down by other orthodontists to correct the problem. Ideally, it would have been best for me to get the full set of braces, but Dr. Williams took my concerns into consideratoin and corrected the problem that was bothering me the most (the front teeth). He set me up with a retainer and withing about 6 months my teeth started to slowly set back into the correct position and the gap closed. He also fixed a small chip in my front tooth. I just wanted to let Dr. Williams know how much I appreciated what he did for me and my teeth still look good to this day. I now get compliments all the time on my nice smile. Thought my teeth aren't perfect and I would have loved to get the full set of braces, I am grateful for the service Dr. Williams has provided for me. I thought it might be useful for him to know about my long term progress and just let him know I can't thank him enough. Regards, Holly. Dear Dr. Brett Gardiner and Staff, I would like to take time to say thank you for all of the work that has been givent to me. If it hadn't been for you and all that you have done for me, I would still be in major pain, and I wouldn't have the wonderful smile that I have today because of it. It is now because of the work that was given to me that I will be able to enjoy a couple of simple things that most people take for granted everyday. Such as eating nuts and other hard crunchy foods, and most of all not being afraid to smile anymore like I haven't done in the past two years. You will never completely know how much this means to me, now that I am no longer in pain and I hae a wonderful smile that I enjoy. Thank you so much for everything that you have done. Sincerely, Jeanne Dr. Williams and his entire staff have always instilled confidence and skill from day one. It was hard having a destist I had never seen put 10 new porcelain crowns in but choosing Dr. Williams, who is the only accredited cosmetic dentis in Alaska and has many years of experience, was an excellent choice! I didn't realize how bad my teeth look until he replaced my 10 top front teeth with porclain 8 years ago. His follow up care is excellence and I continue to get many compliments and it is so gret to have a big confident smile! Thank you again, Jan. Alaska Dental Care and Dr. Brett: Thank you so much for your continued support of Klatt School. Your silent auction donations and game/activity sponsorship has brough a lot of fun to our festivals! Thanks, Klatt PTA. The decision to have my mouth reconstructed was well thought out and a long time coming. The work was involved and Dr. Williams and his staff were very supportive, helpful and friendly. Through the process they became family. My life has changed tremendously since the work has been done. I am confident. I smile all the time without my hand in front of my face, and I was able to advance my career. I have never regretted the decision and am extremely pleased. Thanks for everything! Dali. Dr. Williams and staff - Making the decision to have you do a 'makeover' on my teeth was the best thing I've ever done. I've alays had somewhat yellow teeth and was very self conscious about them. I saw the new smile you gave a friend of mine and was just amazed at the transformation. Thank you so much! Now I get compliments on my beautiful teeth. I even had a retired dentist ask me who did them. He was very impressed! Thanks again, MT. Dear Williams Dental Care Staff: Thank you for providing respectful, efficient and quality care to all the members of my family. From cleanings, fillings, and wisdom teeth extractions, we have been totally satisfied with all services. The ight level of professionalism exhibited by everyone on staff is notceable. Without reservation, I recommend Alaska Dental Care. Sincerely, Julia. Dear Dr. Williams, what a wonderful surprise! You and your staff are amazing and I went home today with an extra big smile. The flowers were perfect. I love the colors and those particular type of flowers should last a  long time. What fun it is to be at your office. May I come and camp in it for a while? Dear Dr. Williams, as I was reflecting on the 25 years of dental care you have provided me, and the wonderful caring treatment from you and your entire staff, I just wanted to thank you once again. You go that extra mile and for that I'm so very grateful! The extra individual care that Jacki and the fron office staff provide expecially to the handicapped is so refreshing. to be honest, I look forward to my appoinments because of this loving atmosphere. Not only do you make my sile look better, but you put a smile on my face. A very grateful patient, Renee. I tell all my friends and family how much I love Dr. Gardiner. He is friendly and honest. I have been to several Anchorage dentists and he is the best! Shanna. After man years of dental experiences, I have had crowns, fillings and orthodontics performed throughout my life all over the world. At 66 years of age I now can say I have had one of the best experiences. Beautiful office, helpful and caring people. And a very modern and comfortable chair to sit in. The friendly staff placed me at ease and helped to make me feel confident I was getting the best care. I recommend this office to all of my friends, Tim Myer I forgot sorry, but I do like to see dentist like you. I love brushing my teeth because the tooth paste feels so good on my teeth, it's jsut swirling around. I like T.V. aka Super TV, the one here and I like my dentist!

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