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When should you take your kids to the dentist?

When should moms or dads take their kids to see the dentist? How much toothpaste should your young child use? Find out with Brett Gardner of Alaska Dental Care.

Mouthwash and Flouride

Can children use mouthwash? What should you do if you don't have floride in your water? Learn more with Brett Gardner of Alaska Dental Care.

Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

Everyone dreads braces, what you should do about them? Can your child have their teeth whitened? Brett Gardner of Alaska Dental Center has advice.

X-Rays and Dental Care While Pregnant

Is it safe to get an X Ray while pregnant? What should expecting mom's know about dental care? Find out with Dr. Kevin Parks of Alaska Dental Care.

Is Smart Sugar a Real Thing?

When should children have sugar? Is smart sugar a real thing? When can they have flouride toothpaste? Find out with Dr. Kevin Parks of Alaska Dental Care.

Tooth Decay and Dental Treatment for Kids

What's the best way to prevent tooth decay in kids? What are the treatment options when your child has tooth decay? Steve Howard of Alaska Dental Care has the answers.

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